What to expect during your appointment

Adults: £42 for the first treatment and £39 for consecutive treatments.
Children under 12: £37 for the first treatment and £34 for consecutive treatments.

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Consent form

Prior to your first treatment you will be asked to read and sign a consent form. This is to confirm that you have understood the procedures of osteopathic treatment.

First appointment

During the first appointment, the osteopath will ask you several questions about your problem. Often osteopaths need to know a lot about your past medical history to get a better understanding of the problem. Some of these questions may seem irrelevant but they are important.

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When the questioning is finished, the osteopath will ask you to undress down to your underwear. This is only if the patient is fully comfortable with this. Otherwise you can bring loose fitting clothes instead.

The osteopath will perform a thorough examination by letting you perform some tests and palpating muscles and joints. The osteopath will discuss the findings with you and will explain how to proceed with the treatment.

The osteopath will try to be as gentle as possible and will explain the technique before asking consent. If there are some techniques that you disagree with we will not insist on performing them on you. We tailor the treatment to your needs.

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After the treatment, the osteopath will give you some advice on stretches, excercises, and other things that may help you at home.

Consecutive treatments

Several treatments are often needed to resolve a problem however we can’t predict how many treatments are needed to resolve a problem as that depends on many factors.

If it is a severe problem, we often advise to visit at weekly intervals until the pain is at a comfortable level and then we spread the treatments.

When the problem is resolved, we may advise you to come for maintenance or preventative treatment. This depends on the severity of the problem and is sometimes needed to prevent the problem from returning or to maintain a level of well being.

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